Both products, Eco-Safe Wood Treatment and Weathered Wood Finish are non-toxic and VOC-free. They both provide a stain effect that interacts with the wood to weather it naturally, while also leaving a patina, silvery sheen. They also both provide protective treatment.

So they are similar formulations tweaked specifically for their differing purposes.

Weathered Wood Finish contains more colour-enriching elements, allowing artists, designers, and crafters to be able to play with layering and deepening the stain, and also with detail work, while Eco-Safe Wood Treatment contains a greater ratio of protectant elements to colour-enriching elements, for larger projects like fences and decks that will have more exposure to the outdoors, because the Eco-Safe Wood Treatment is enhanced with UV and rain, which help with deepening colour and unifying coverage.

If you have more questions or want to share specifics of your project before deciding on the right product for you, feel free to get in touch!