Our Eco-Safe Wood Treatment is very popular with beekeepers! It's an effective preservative and completely bee-safe.

This bee-friendly product can be applied inside and outside the hives for wonderful results.

Once it's completely dried, rinse the hives well with water and allow to dry again.


Not a Sealer
Eco-Safe Wood Treatment is not a sealer. It protects the wood without "sealing" it, leaving the natural wood grain exposed. This allows it to breathe, which is nice. One issue with sealers is that they can peel off and even trap moisture underneath without allowing for evaporation, so we often don't recommend using a sealer. 

Instead, this product penetrates into the fibers within the wood to prevent rot and decay. The wood treatment can be applied inside and outside the hives. You can use a brush or a sponge to apply. However, we often suggest using the dipping method to ensure complete coverage. 


Dipping Method
If you are treating a box that is already in use, then brushing the outside is of course the only option. If it's a box that is not in use, our customers find it easiest to mix the solution in a large, deep tray (or similar), and then simply dip each side of the box into the tray. This ensures that all surfaces, inside and out, bottom and joints, are treated.


Once it's completely dried (1-2 hrs in dry, hot weather, 6-8 hrs is safe), rinse the hives well with water and allow to dry again, just to make sure you don't have excess product in the wood. 


If you have more questions about using Eco-Safe Wood Treatment for your beehives feel free to get in touch with us!