All of our products are easily and conveniently applied without a lot of fuss. Wherever the product penetrates into the wood, you know it's working!

These products mix into water and go on just about as thin as water. We recommend using warm (not hot) water to help the products go into solution quicker. 


Apply using a garden sprayer, brush, roller, sponge, or by dipping, depending on your project and preferences. 

For large outdoor projects like decks and fences, we usually recommend a garden sprayer just because they are simpler to clean, but any electric paint sprayer can be used provided the liquid is screened first. Use a cheesecloth or a fine mesh screen to filter out any undissolved powder that might otherwise clog the sprayer. Then after use, run water through the machine to clear out product so you don't get dried product stuck in the sprayer. 

When applying Eco-Safe Wood Guard, protect ornamental plants by avoiding any overspray as the direct spray can be harmful to them. 


Coating All Surfaces

We generally do recommend coating all surfaces to provide complete physical protection. The solution is quite thin so coating multiple surfaces tends to be quick and easy. 

For some projects, using a dipping method is helpful, in which a container (tote, bin, trough, drum) is filled with the product in solution and wood is dipped into the solution to speed up application and maximize coverage. This method is espeically helpful for beehive boxes, and other assembled pieces that have joinery. For structural beams, utility poles and posts that have constant soil contact, as well as for underwater applications like docks, timbers can be soaked for 30-60 minutes to maximize absorption.

If you have more questions about applying our products on your projects, get in touch!