What is Eco-Safe Wood Guard™?

Wood Guard is an effective and natural protectant and preservative. It protects wood from fungus, rot, wood-boring insects and other wood-decomposing organisms.

What is Eco-Safe Wood Guard™’s active ingredient?

Wood Guard contains boron salts. These are naturally occurring minerals that naturally protect wood from fungus, termites, carpenter ants, and other wood-boring and wood-decomposing organisms.

Is wood treated with Eco-Safe Wood Guard™ safe?

Wood treated with Eco-Safe Wood Guard™ is safe and harmless to people, pets, gardens, and groundwater. The dry powder is non-toxic to humans but can be a mild irritant. Avoid inhalation and contact with eyes. If Wood Guard is sprinkled or sprayed directly onto ornamental plants or poured onto roots it can harm or kill them in the same way that pouring a strong solution of vinegar or salt onto plants might harm them. Avoid overspray or spills by treating the wood away from the garden or by protecting ornamental plants.

What are the recommended uses for Eco-Safe Wood Guard™?

Wood Guard is recommended for all indoor and outdoor wood, including structural timber, decks, fences, steps, sheds, barns, siding.

How much coverage will a single 1 gallon package of Eco-Safe Wood Guard™ provide?

A single package of Eco-Safe Wood Guard™ will cover 150-200 square feet of wood.