Eco-Safe Wood Treatment is not a traditional "sealer" because it does not create a moisture-proof barrier.

Traditional sealers usually contain stabilizers and carriers that are inevitably toxic and contain petroleum products and VOCs.

Our product penetrates the wood, bonds permanently with the wood fibers, does not need reapplication, and provides long-lasting preventative treatment against rot.

Eco-Safe Wood Treatment does leave the wood grain open, allowing the wood to breathe, water to penetrate and subsequently evaporate out, and provides a truly beautiful, natural look that will not flake away over time like traditional sealers.

Though we often don't recommend using a sealer, if you have a specific reason for using a sealer, then you do have the option of putting a sealer on top of wood treated with Eco-Safe Wood Treatment.

If you do use a sealer, be sure to maintain and reapply rigorously. A poorly maintained sealer can do more harm than good when it starts to crack and dry with age, because it can actually cause the wood to retain some water, as it makes evaporation more of a challenge. 

Using a finishing oil or wax is also an option, though neither of these are necessary. Among the more eco-safe finishes are Tung oil or any of the waxes like Carnauba, Beeswax, etc. 

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