We normally do recommend using both of these products, Eco-Safe Wood Treatment and Eco-Safe Wood Guard, for maximum protection.

When you combine both our Eco-Safe Wood Guard and the Eco-Safe Wood Treatment you're getting products with different antifungal properties working together to provide broad spectrum coverage.

Eco-Safe Wood Treatment is our signature product. It works within the fibers of the wood, extending its lifetime by effectively protecting from rot and decay. It welcomes the elements, rain and UV, to bring out its maximum potential. This product also provides a stain effect, turning the wood into a naturally-aged color with an elegant patina.  

However, if you don't want the stain effect of Eco-Safe Wood Treatment, then you would go with the Wood Guard alone. Eco-Safe Wood Guard is especially useful if you're concerned about wood-boring insects and mold. This product will not stain the wood.

Application is easy by any method, but probably easiest using a sprayer (a garden sprayer works just fine).

There are two options for application when you're using both Eco-Safe Wood Treatment and Eco-Safe Wood Guard. The easiest/quickest way is to apply them both at the same time. You'd mix 1gal worth of powder for each one in a single gallon of water (warm water helps both go into solution quicker). The coverage rate remains the same when combining products.

The downside to this application method is that the stain effect of the wood treatment can take a bit longer to develop.

So, if you'd like to see the stain effect come through more quickly, then we recommend applying Eco-Safe Wood Treatment first, allowing the product to dry (6-8 hours is safe) and then applying Eco-Safe Wood Guard.

Also, once the Wood Guard has been applied and dried, you might notice a white haze on the wood, this just means that some of the product got left behind on the wood's surface and requires a quick wipe with a damp cloth.

​If you have more questions about using these two products together, feel free to get in touch!