Yes, you can paint, stain, or add a finish over any of our Eco-Safe products. 

When you're using one of our naturally staining products like Eco-Safe Wood Treatment or Weathered Wood Finish, the treatment does create a stain effect of its own, giving wood a naturally weathered finish with a patina sheen.

So we recommend doing a patch test to see what the colour overtop of the treatment will look like to make sure it's the finish you want. 

Some of our customers also like to use finishes such as Tung oil or any of the waxes like Carnauba or Beeswax, which are among the more eco-safe finishes, although none of these are necessary - the treatment on its own will protect the wood, it is a matter of personal preference and some of these finishes darken the end result of the stain, in case that's what you're going for. 


Eco-Safe Wood Guard is also definitely compatible with any paint, stain, or finishing product you'd like to use over top. 

Once the Wood Guard has been applied and dried, you might notice a white haze on the wood, this just means that some of the product got left behind on the wood's surface and requires a quick wipe with a damp cloth. It wouldn't show underneath a paint, varnish or sealer, but it might affect how the paint/sealer adheres to the wood, so just give it a quick wipe, and let dry again.