You can use either of our staining products, Eco-Safe Wood Treatment or Weathered Wood Finish to protect and stain children's wooden toys, like wooden blocks or larger wooden structures like an outdoor playground. These products are non-toxic and VOC-free.

We recommend using Eco-Safe Wood Treatment on larger outdoor projects and Weathered Wood Finish on small toys.

For use on wooden blocks and other wooden toys for children we recommend thoroughly washing and drying the stained toys two or three times after the stain has dried, to remove any excess product residue on the surface. 

If you're concerned about mold or wood-boring insects like carpenter bees and termites on outdoor play structures, you can combine Eco-Safe Wood Treatment with Eco-Safe Wood Guard for broad-spectrum coverage. Once applied and dried, these products are child-safe and will protect your projects while giving a beautiful naturally-aged patina finish to the wood.

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